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Twitter for Business Part 2

This month I’ve been talking about Twitter.  Two weeks ago the post was Twitter 101, last week was Part 1 of Twitter for business.  Continuing last week’s Twitter for Business tips list, below are more tips from Social Media Examiner about Twitter for Business.

  1. Drive Traffic to your Website and Blog:  Twitter is a great tool for driving traffic to your website and blog.  Create a Tweet around a link such as: “Check out great tools for using Twitter for small Business:  When you use the Twitter URL shortener uses just 20 characters for your web address no matter how long the address actually is.
  2. Connect Your Online Presence:  There are 3 ways to integrate your businesses presence online.  Add your Twitter account information to the social media account information on your website and blog; Add a timeline of your Twitter messages to your website or blog; Add a Tweet This button to your blog and website pages so people can easily share your business on Twitter.
  3. Get Mobile with Twitter:  almost every cell phone can now connect with Twitter.  You can even ask your cell phone to notify you when people on Twitter mention you, Retweet something you sent, you get a new follower or someone sends you a direct message.
  4. Share photos in your Tweets:  Share photographs from your computer or mobile app on Twitter and spice up your Tweets.  Photos draw more attention to your Tweet and tell the story of your business.
  5. Add Video to Your Twitter Timeline:  You can do this by linking them in your Tweet.  When a Tweet contains a video, Twitter allows you to play the video within the Tweet.  Click View media to open to video player.  Recently Twitter launched a video service called Vine, which allows 6-second videos to be played on a endless loop inside Twitter.
  6. Organize your Followers into Conversation Lists.  You can create separate lists of people you follow based on customers, potential customers, neighborhood businesses, people who inspire you, people you talk to most often, or any other designation that fits for you.
  7. Expand your Audience with Hashtags.  A hashtag identifies a common topic or them.  For example #NCAA is the hashtag for the US college sports association.  If you click on a hashtag you will see all the tweets that include that hashtag.  It will not only be NCAA teams but also anyone talking about the NCAA.
  8. Pinpoint Potential Local Customers:  Twitter Advanced Search will allow you to find people near your business and you can begin following them and add them to your potential customer list.  This is the group you may want to engage in conversation to convert them from potential customers to actual customers.

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