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Twitter for Business Part 1

Last week offered Twitter basics.  If you missed them, check them out here.  This week I wanted to delve into basics for using Twitter to grow your business.  Below are 13 steps I found on Social Media Examiner.

  1. Present Your Brand:  If you have a website or other online presence, your Twitter page should have the same look and feel.  Choose images and an account name consistent with your website.  Many SMBs use their business name for the account and a personal photo for the profile picture.  This creates a personal touch.
    Your Twitter profile header is a large background photo where you can tell the story about your business.  Similar to the Facebook cover photo, it is displayed at the top of your page.
  2. Build a Strong Foundation:  Complete your Twitter account profile completely.  This enables you to tell as much about you and what makes your business unique as Twitter allows.  Don’t miss Location, telling people where to find you, website address, and bio.  Bio only gives 160 characters to tell people what you do.  Skip the business mission statement and instead incorporate a little personality to bring your profile to life.
  3. Start Following People:  community building is what Twitter is about.   The Twitter experience is about who you follow.  Do follow your customers, business partners, suppliers, contractors and vendors, competitors, peers, trade organizations, professional organizations, other businesses in your neighborhood, and business run by people you know.
  4. Start Talking:  Start by listening but jump in as soon as you feel comfortable.  There are 5 types of messages.  The tweet you send to people who follow you; @Reply which is your reply to a message your received; a mention which is a message you send out that mentions another Twitter username; a DM or direct message sent privately to another Twitter users; and a Retweet when you share a message created by someone else.
  5. Talk Smarter:  Once you start talking find the sweet spot between what your target audience wants to hear and what will promote your business.

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