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Twitter 101

Just in case you haven’t jumped on the Twitter bandwagon yet, I thought I’d share the highlights from a Twitter article on Social Media Examiner.  Twitter is a social media tool that enables you to send out short communications called Tweets.  Large and small businesses alike are using the service to propel their business.  In Los Angeles a great example is the Korean BBQ food truck called Kogo BBQ.   Business is booming for Kogo and customers find the mobile restaurant by following them on Twitter.   Below is a little basic information about Twitter.  Next week I will talk about how to use twitter for your business.

What is Twitter

A short message or Tweet of up to 140 characters, delivered to people who subscribe, called followers.  Tweets can include links to anything you want on the web.  Adding an image expands what you can share and grabs attention more effectively.

Building a Twitter Community

A Twitter community is a two-way street.  You should follow others as well.  Read, reply and share their tweets and they are more likely to do the same for you.

What is Unique about Twitter

Twitter is similar to Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube but the subtle differences are part of what makes it so powerful.

  • Facebook: Twitter’s tweet is shorter than a Facebook update but a Tweet is delivered to every follower.   Facebook filters their feed.
  • Pinterest: Twitter allows you to post photos and provide commentary as Pinterest does.  The difference is that Twitter allows for easier conversation around an image than Pinterest allows.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn only allows you to follow and be followed by relationships based on both agreeing to the relationship.  Twitter allows anyone, including strangers and potential customers to follow you.
  • Google+: Twitter is similar to Google+ in that it allows you to organize people into lists that organize conversations similar to Google Groups.
  • YouTube: a tweet can contain a video.  Twitter doesn’t allow you to create channels or organize your videos however.  YouTube is a better format for that but you can link your Tweets to your YouTube channel.


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