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Empowering Small Business

Professional Text Messaging Tips
May 21, 2014

Text messaging has become a predominant way to communicate personally and professionally.  You want to make sure your customer gets the message but you don’t want to annoy them with too much contact.  The Young Entrepreneur Council provided the following suggestions in and I’ve listed them for you here.   Keep the Message Short.  […]

Segment your Email List to Generate Customer Loyalty
May 7, 2014

You may have a huge email list but if you really want to make the most of that list you want to segment it.  Segmentation literally means grouping and you want to group your list into categories that represent the subjects your audience is most interested in. offered a great article explaining the why’s […]

Establish your Business on Review Sites
April 29, 2014

Do you use online review sites for businesses and services in your neighborhood?  Do your customers?  According to a brand strategist, Shelly Kramer, quoted in who represents clients like Wal-Mart and Chipotle, “your customers check you out long before they ever decide to buy.  They rely on their friends’ opinion.  And they rely on […]

Tips to Make the Most out of Mobile Marketing
April 23, 2014

According to, Americans now spend more time accessing the Internet via mobile apps than desktop computers. While app usage leads mobile app usage, it is expected that all mobile Internet consumption will continue to increase as smartphone and tablet ownership grows.   It is essential that small businesses find effective solutions to help them target […]

5 YouTube Features for Marketers
April 16, 2014

Make the most of your YouTube videos with tools that can help you increase watch time, attract subscribers and drive more traffic to your site.  An article from   describes the five features below are lesser-known but can go a long way toward improving content quality and reach. YouTube Audio Library. Music can make or […]

Essential Elements to your Content Marketing Strategy
April 8, 2014

If you are engaging in social media marketing, email marketing and blogs then a content marketing strategy is essential.  Content marketing allows you to target potential clients at different stages of the buying cycle as well as buyers with different intents.  You can nurture leads until they are ready to buy or fix a problem […]

3 Time Management Tips for Improved Productivity
March 25, 2014

With the first quarter of the year nearly gone, how would you grade yourself on life/work balance?  How would you grade your productivity?  It usually comes down to effective time management but often what is urgent and what is important are not the same thing.  That means what is urgent takes precedent over what is […]

Grow Your Email List with Social Media
March 13, 2014

An effective email list can be hugely valuable but growing that effective list can be a challenge.  After all, at least 91% of consumers check email daily and according to research, email marketing is the third most effective channel for lead generation, producing 13% of all leads.  Social Media Examiner offered five suggestions for growing […]

Beware the Google Unsubscribe Button
March 5, 2014

Last month Clickz posted an article about a new feature by Google that enables to unsubscribe in the top-right-hand corner of the header field in promotional emails.  This feature allows users to stop emails they do not wish to receive in a more efficient manner as opposed to looking for the opt-out, usually in fine […]

Yelp, Yahoo and Small Business
February 25, 2014

Last week reported an announcement by Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer.  Yelp’s business listings and reviews will soon appear in Yahoo’s search results.  This is important information for small business owners for a couple reasons.  First, a growing number of people rely on smartphones to access local services and many of those people rely on […]

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